Good Drawing Tablets For Beginners

Drawing and illustrating is an entertaining and potentially profitable hobby. While you can choose to draw on paper or to use a tablet mainstream, it makes sense that if you have long-term ambitions. Good drawing tablets for beginners are most likely an important tool for them.

Portability is also useful depending on your needs, so feel free to purchase there the biggest tablet. Pressure sensitivity is vital too, regardless of your goals. The higher the sensitivity of the tablet, the more exact the touch. Detailed drawings are difficult enough without crude sensitivity and poor reactivity.

Good drawing tablets for beginners are non-display tablets because they are cheaper. Admittedly, drawing on a tablet is much easier, but there is always a learning curve so that you can start at a low cost.

Good Drawing Tablets For Beginners

Drawing Tablets For BeginnersPrice*
Wacom Intuos Pro$69.95
Huion Giano WH1409$180.99
XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Tablet$199.99
Turcom 8″ x 5″$74.99
XP-PEN Star03$57.99
Parblo Coast10$168.00
Artisul D10$190.57
Wacom Cintiq 13HD$590.00
Ugee M708$69.74
Ugee G3 9″ x 6″$86.99
*Price on Date 30/04/2020

 1. Wacom Intuos Pro

Wacom Intuos Pro: 1/10 Good Drawing Tablets For Beginners

Price: $69.95

The Wacom Intuos Pro is perfect if your work requires a precise touch, but on a small surface area. You have to pay a fair amount for any Wacom tablet as a high-end brand, but the quality is visible.

The results are the same – great precision – in three different sizes from 6.2′′ x 3.9′′ to 16.8′′ x 11.2′′. The tablet has the same pressure as XP-Pen (8192), but with a stylus that’s a bit more comfortable and accurate to use the response rate is that little better. This makes it the perfect tablet if you do a lot of fine detail, but the features continue to come.

Express keys are available for fast interactions, but three different structure sheets are also available, from smooth to rough. Also, your style pen has interchangeable plumage tips that are a big help when your drawing style is customized.

It’s so lightweight that you can throw in your traveling bag. Size-wise, the flexibility of the XP-Pen might be lacking, but the size is not all and Wacom Intuos Pro takes this up in many other ways.

2. Huion Giano WH1409

Huion Giano WH1409

 Price: $180.99                      

This tablet is 13.8 to 8.6 inches on the working surface. This is enormous! It diagonally measures approximately 17 cm. drawing on a large field of work tires my hand more quickly than working on a smaller tablet.

Its wireless feature is the highlight of the tablet, behind the tablet is a locked holder, which can be found the USB Wireless Receiver. There is no lag or disconnection throughout my use.

The wireless recipient also serves as an 8 GB storage flash drive. In case you have to bring the tablet around, it is very handy to save files. USB transmission speed feels like USB 2.

The tablet and pen are equipped with incorporated batteries and can be charged with the provided USB cables. I used the tablet with the initial charge for several weeks. You can draw it still in wired mode, even if the tablet or pen does run out of battery power.

The biggest portable table for beginners is Huion’s Giano. It can be completely wire less and store work on an integrated MicroSD card for hours. However, if you plan to work mainly from home, these features will not improve this tablet compared to Wacom.

3. XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Tablet

XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Tablet

Price: $199.99

The screen has a remarkable 84% Adobe RGB range, actually higher than Cintiq 16, which has a range of around 75% RGB. The color accuracy is however good, but not perfect, so you must use a color calibrator to fix this so that the colors of your work do not go wrong when it is printed.

The screen is highly luminous and can be easily adjusted by buttons on the side of the tablet.

The 15.6 Pro screens is stratified and attached, improving the reduction of parallax. The low parallax levels are much like the Cintiq. It is obvious but minor, and you will quickly become accustomed to it.

The anti-lighting properties of the previously applied and replaceable film cover significantly reduce reflections. The tablet is slippery as 15.6 do not contain grained glass so that it feels more of a telephone than a paper screen. The 15.6 includes a free glove if you don’t like the textures of this screen.

4. Turcom 8″ x 5″ Pro

Turcom 8″ x 5″

Price: $74.99

The Turcom 8′′x5′′ Pro tablet is a nice starting point for complete beginners.

The tablet is very low-end, but it works well. Drawing or any jumps/spacing issues with the pen should not be delayed. This is usually a bad tablet’s calling card, but the Turcom 8,5 has none. It can work just like a portable drawing tablet, although it has no stylus case.

You will notice that the tablet measures much larger than 8′′ (in fact, a foot). The 8/5 measurement of the Turcom describes the active area of drawing on the tablet. This is certainly not enormous, but it’s also not very small which is perfect for beginners.

The stylus pen has been designed and easy to use. This includes two buttons on the side that can work like mouse clicks or switch from stylus to stylus mode.

The need for styling AAA batteries is one thing that I don’t like. This makes the tablet feel cheap when using replaceable batteries to draw. But the quality of the output is great. But it does work well.

5. XP-PEN Star03

XP-PEN Star03

Price: $57.99

This tablet has a pretty nice look at your table and it doesn’t look bad. When bending and twisting, the tablet itself feels decently robust, so it probably won’t break easily. When touching fingerprints, the shining black plastic components on the tablet are great.

You may have noticed that this design is quite frequently used by many companies if you’ve been looking for alternative tablets, but that does not mean it is a bad tablet at all. The XP-Pen Star03 is likely the best of the lookalikes because it has a passive pen that does not work for anything else. So instead of the others, I have chosen to buy this one.

For new artists with a tight budget, the Star03 tablet is an excellent choice. The battery-free pen is easy to learn and you’ll be able to narrow a professional tablet operation using eight hotkeys.

6. Parblo Coast10

Parblo Coast10

Price: $168.00

The Coast10 has a default 1280 to 800 display resolution, which measures about 1 foot wide. It uses freestyle and power is provided by a single USB cable, which makes it a good choice for drawing on or at home.

It is relatively small (just 8.5 inches wide) but it is so bright and all colors accurate. This is the best display tablets for beginners with the LCD.

Other features also make this a great shopping experience for anyone who has never used a tablet before. The Coast10 is very lightweight and small enough to transport in a laptop bag. It has one USB cable powered by a battery-free style plumb.

 7. Artisul D10


 Price: $190.57

This comes with an Artisul tablet battery-free pen. It also contains ten substitute nibs and the style storage box. I would say that this is right there for the best size, display Quality and features tablet for beginners.

The HD resolution is also set to 1280 to 800, and the Coast10 design is battery-free. All hotkeys for Artisul D10 are aligned to the other side of the cables. Fortunately, this tablet can be rotated to each side, and it works for the left and right people.

You don’t have to rely on a wall outlet for power via a USB device. But to convert HDMI to whatever you need (VGA or DVI), you have to have an HDMI port and adaptor.

8. Wacom Cintiq 13HD

Wacom Cintiq 13HD

Price: $590.00

Somewhere in the middle is the new Wacom Cintiq 13HD. It is a 13-inch, graphics tablet with an integrated display so you won’t have to look at a separate computer monitor with a single eye. It’s as close to true drawing that you can get without a pen and paper.

However, a close look is not going to reveal this. The Wacom Cintiq 13HD looks a little like a Cintiq 12WX and Intuos 5 descendants. It’s a lot, a lot more portable than an old model of Cintiq. The weight is about half – 1.2 kg instead of 2.4 kg.

The Wacom Cintiq 13HD has the same weight as an ultrabook or a larger tablet. It is finally possible to hold it in an arm comfortably when drawing with your other hand.

9. Ugee M708

Ugee M708

Price: $69.74

The active area is 10′′ by 6′′ wide and is therefore reasonably large for a beginner. And it is powered by a USB cable, making it much easier to set up.

The Ugee M 708 Review booth is incorporated and you can adjust the angle or height to the desired angle or height except for flat since it is designed to sit on a table-like surface. The screen looks elegant and flat, and only a black frame, a bit short of an inch wide, leaves plenty of room for drawing, can be found to the ends.

The UGG Pen is cordless and battery-free. It has a battery that can be recharged for at least 800 hours.

10. Ugee G3 9″ x 6″

Ugee G3 9″ x 6″

Price: $86.99

The Ugee G3 must be one of the best known- tablets for a beginner. The price is fantastic, but the design is sleek and the tablet reads every move quickly.

The G3 can be difficult to carry as a mobile tablet because of its size. Although the drawing-room is rather small, the tablet is quite large. And yes, it could fit into a bag.

It operates via a single USB cord on the other hand. So this drawing tablet can be a steal if you have space. The G3 is an unbelievable budget tablet for beginning people. The stylus contains a painful battery and the tablet is about one and a half feet broad. But you will be happy with the design and ease of using the G3 if you can look past these things.

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