10 Best Tablets For College Student

College is the time to think more about your future when you decide. You will learn how to squeeze everything, study and socialize simultaneously. And because we are living in the 21st century, a student is learning many things. The use of tablets is one of the things we have improved over the years. The best tablets for college students aren’t necessarily costly, cheaper tablets also work well.

A student at a college may need a tablet for research, some notes, or selfies. But it can be a demanding task to get a tablet, especially if you don’t know what to look for. In this article, we reviewed ten of university students’ best tablets. We have also added a guide to discuss the important aspects that must be taken into account in selecting the best tablets for college students.

Best Tablets For College Students On a Budget

Tablets For College StudentsPrice*
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3$459.99
ASUS C302CA-DHM4$499.75
Samsung Galaxy Tab A$299.99
Google Pixel Slate$540.00-$980.00
ASUS Chromebook Flip C434$538.60
Fusion 5 Ultra Slim
Lenovo Yoga Book$439.00-$479.99
Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet$189.99
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2$349.95
Samsung Galaxy Book 2-in-1 PC$999.77

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: 1/10 Best Tablets For College Student

Price: $459.99

In smartphones and tech niches, Samsung has managed to make its mark. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is one of his favorite tablets. It has the best Android tablet, which has the right features for students.

You might like to include the infamous Samsung S Pen in that tablet for those who prefer writing notes than typing them. You can, therefore, use your tablet as a notebook. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is one of the best tablets for note-taking in college. It will save some space in your bag as you will no longer bring multiple notebooks for each subject.

The pen’s quality is outstanding. It is highly accurate and highly responsive to pressure. Unlike other options on the market, the fact that the pen doesn’t have to be recharged means that you are always ready to take notes.


  • The design and style of Samsung galaxy tab S3 is classic
  • The stylus pen works pretty well
  • The performance is excellent


  • You must purchase the keyboard separately



Price: $499.75

ASUS C3202CA-DHM4 can be converted to a tablet into a laptop. The inclusion of a flexible 360-degree hinge is a success.

Also, the product is light and slim. This makes portability possible. Strong and long-lasting, the outside of the tablet is made. This is ensured in the construction of the body through the use of aluminum metal. There are no too many USB ports as a college student. The more comfortable it is, the more. That’s why you must appreciate the two USB ports that this tablet provides.


  • The transition from a laptop to tablet is smooth
  • The product is solidly built


  • Although it is a superb tablet, the display and touchscreen performance could be improved

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Price: $299.99

The Samsung GALAXY TAB A’s already low prices make every year a tenting shopping experience. TAB A differs from other inexpensive tablets that search engine flood. This is a great thing to like. One of our finest budget tablets is that because the performance and quality of tablet tablets are similar to shame. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab

Many other large producers are now looking like their Smartphones have abandoned tablets, so it’s great to see Samsung still proudly fly the Android tablet flag.

However, the screen resolution is not only a bigger tablet compared with the smaller version and you get a RAM of 2 GB rather than 1.5 GB which should make multiple tasks and overall performance a little smoother for the more demanding applications and games there.


  • Cheaper than other products
  • This multi-functional tablet is not only good in note-taking but also for watching movies


  • The battery life is low
  • Limited Storage and graphics

4. Google Pixel Slate

Google Pixel Slate

Price: $540.00-$980.00

Pixel Slate’s is the most recent entry for Google in the booming category of hybrid tablet laptops. It’s a machine with Chrome OS, removable keyboards and style and support for Android apps for your productivity and media needs.

Google has a simple approach to the Pixel Slate design, as with other Google hardware. In steady blue midnight covered aluminum, the body of a Pixel Slate is elasticated. No other color options are available, so currently you just have no luck if you want something a little colorful.

The speed and performance of the processor, together with the touchscreen, have also satisfied the general public.


  • Modernize design
  • Detachable form
  • Great display
  • With a built-in fingerprint sensor


  • The keyboard is purchased differently
  • Bugs in Bluetooth connectivity

5. ASUS Chromebook Flip C434

ASUS Chromebook Flip C434

Price: $538.60

The best part about this ASUS Chromebook is that it offers the same requirements as premiums but at half the price.

The product is supplied in two ways, tablet and laptop modes are provided. You don’t need to invest in two devices, so it is economical. It has an Intel Core processor that plays an essential role in fast performance delivery.

It is also fitted with a backlighted keyboard. This is ideal for those who want to pull the night without disturbing them. The design has a sleek aluminum metal body. This makes it both stylish and durable.


  • The display functions work perfectly
  • The keyboard works well


  • Problems with speaker

 6. Fusion5 Ultra Slim

Fusion5 Ultra Slim

The Fusion5 may not be popular, but it does the best tablets work. It has all the features required and also a reasonable price for college students, which makes this a good decision.

A great addition can be the broad viewing angle delivered by Fusion5. The reason is that students need tablets that provide easy reading, and that is ensured by this feature. Fusion5 is an extremely slim 10 PC tablet for students with Windows 10.


  • Responsive Screen
  • The Windows 10 is working perfectly


  • It occupies a lot of space in the bag because of its structure

7. Lenovo Yoga Book

Lenovo Yoga Book

Price: $439.00-$479.99

Lenovo is another enterprise with which a positive buzz for quality products has been created. One of these devices is the Yoga Book.

You can choose between four modes in the yoga book. This involves mode creation, browsing mode, and monitoring mode. The division of these modes does not cause you to worry about accidental commands. In the selected mode, the tablet offers functions.

This Tablet Lenovo has the operating system Android 6.0.1. Since it is a pretty old OS, some people find it limited to use the product because certain applications do not have the latest releases.


  • The overall performance of the product is good
  • The screen display is superb


  • The memory storage is a bit small

8. Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

Price: $189.99

Fire HD 10 brought it to a completely new level. Compared with other Amazon tablets, Fire HD 10 has the biggest screen.

The 10.1-inch screen is sufficient to use effectively and as small as possible for students who are not satisfied with the small screen to transport easily.

The battery life of the product is ten hours. While some want more, life itself is not unsatisfactory. Since it is compatible with Alexa, you can play music and open the apps easily without having to lift the finger of a tired student that you enjoy. The built-in memory can be expanded to 256 GB, although you have 32/62 GB. So you needn’t worry about backing your files somewhere else.


  • Hands-free Alexa
  • The built-in speakers are good


  • The built-in camera has low quality

9. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Price: $349.95

An octa-core processor is included in the Samsung galaxy tab. This plays an important role, regardless of how long you use the tablet. It provides reliable and constant performance. This tab does not disappoint when it comes to prolonged battery life. If you use the internet, you can spend up to 10 hours of life, 14 hours playing video and 74 hours playing music.

Contrary to other android Samsung tablets, this product is superior in the design department. The external sides are made of metal and the back has a matte finish. You will also be satisfied with the esthetics when you add it to the Gorilla Glass on the front.


  • The processor is in good quality
  • The display is superb
  • Long battery life


  • The Operating System is old

10. Samsung Galaxy Book 2-in-1 PC

Samsung Galaxy Book 2-in-1 PC

Price: $999.77

The Galaxy tablet is one of the best bets for those who want an affordable Samsung tablet. Even if it is cheaper than the other options, quality compromises have not been achieved. This is a 2-in-1 solution and can be converted to a laptop rather than just delivering a tablet.

The tablet is equipped with a keyboard and an S Pen, making the purchasing even more economic. This makes it perfect for students, who are generally low on resources.

You can use a single touch to connect the tablet to your smartphone (Samsung only). This helps to transfer files without any wire or Internet connection to and from devices. The product touch is also highly reactive. The stylus pen is also the case.


  • It is very handy
  • The stylus pen and keyboard work perfectly
  • Cheaper compared to its competitor


  • Overall performance can improve

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