Best Drawing Tablets That Don’t Need a Computer

Traditional drawing tablets with and/or without display have to be connected to a PC. And then there are drawing tablets that don’t need a computer, a standalone drawing tablet that allows you to work wherever you want.

A standalone drawing tablet has countless advantages and they are not as frequent as you suppose. First, they are highly portable, so that you can use them anywhere. A stand-alone design tablet is equipped with a pen-enabled screen as opposed to a traditional drawing tablet connected to a PC and functions as a computer. Although this could be a bit costly, the device is bound to provide a superior drawing experience for users.

The best drawing tablets that don’t need a computer are essential to those who are eager to step up their game in terms of their artistic side.

Drawing Tablets That Don’t Need a Computer

Drawing Tablets That Don’t Need a ComputerPrice*
Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13” Drawing Tablet$1,700.00
Apple iPad Pro 3rd Gen$1,349.00
Samsung Galaxy Tab s6$614.56
Microsoft Surface Pro 7$829.00
Wacom Cintiq 16 full HD$649.95
Microsoft Surface Book 2$1799.00
Huawei Matepad Pro 5g$869.91
Parblo Coast10 10.1$168.00
HP Zbook X2-G4 Laptop$2,322.62
GAOMON PD1561 15.6$315.99

1. Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13” Drawing Tablet

Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13” Drawing Tablet

Price: $1,700.00

Wacom released a second-genre update of its 13-inch MobileStudio Pro, which provides a powerful boost to the popular high-end, mobile pen computer. A new card for the Intel Core i7-8559U and the Intel Iris plus Graphics 655 is available in the updated version and provides Thunderbolt 3 for fast data transmission. We are also glad to see that both RAM and SSD can now be upgraded to give added longevity to this significant investment.

The 13-inches are the smaller of two models from Wacom MobileStudio Pro originally launched in October 2016. A second genre update in 2019 was provided to the MobileStudio Pro 16, which upgraded to 13 similarly.


  • The display is good
  • The stylus works perfectly
  • The express keys are adjustable, you can adjust it depending on your preference
  • Its RealSense Camera is top-notch


  • The SSD is slow
  • The battery is drained easily.

2. Apple iPad Pro 3rd Gen (Price: $1,349.00)

Apple iPad Pro 3rd Gen 2/10 Best Drawing Tablets That Don't Need a Computer

The iPad Pro features a highly professional tablet for improved functionality and ease of operation with its flat, rounded corners. A smooth and ageless monitor is produced with the Fluid Retinas display and promotional tech, whereas the USB port C allows direct use of other external devices (e.g., camera, keyboards, and software).

It’s an 11-inch and a 12.9-inch, although this time. It is has a capacity of 4GB/6 GB RAM and 64 G to 1 TB storage options.

The iPad Pro no longer requires creative minds to worry about having a tablet as a computer after having it. It satisfies the tastes of professional designers by supplying an all-in-one unit that can operate billions in a second.


  • The screen is sharp and bright, with very precise colors. It comes with a promotion technology that enables the tablet to feel extra smoothly at refresh rates.
  • The Apple Stylus has a superb performance
  • Long battery life
  • Excellent drawing app


  • Although the stylus work perfectly, you have to purchase it differently
  • No matte display

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab s6

Samsung Galaxy Tab s6

Price: $614.56

Samsung tablets are among the most reliable Android tablets, and with their stylus, they’ve done a great deal. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is Samsung’s newest tablet that has very similar characteristics to Apple iPad pro.

The tablet comes with a 10.5 “display in a bezel style of minimum modern design, with a 2560 x 1600 resolution and a 16:10 aspect ratio. The screen is AMOLED, meaning high-quality color, contrast, and shine.

Samsung has worked with its stylus a lot of good things. The S Pen sticks to the tablet back for starter purposes. So you don’t have to carry it intentionally, it’s always with you.


  • Best quality and resolution for class displays
  • Stylus with air gesture support
  • Long battery life
  • The pen is included in the package


  • Few drawing apps are supported
  • No matte screen

4. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Price: $829.00

For the mobile drawing device, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is an excellent choice, mainly a laptop in the form of a tablet.

One of the biggest advantages is having full Windows 10 on a tablet. It means all your pro-desktop applications on a device can be run natively. Moreover, you get the full version of the applications, not a watered-down clone.

The tablet comes with a 12, 3-inch screen, making the tablet large enough to be small and comfortable to use anywhere you go.


  • This device can natively execute your pro desktop applications. Furthermore, you get the complete application version, not a clone that looks watered down.
  • The tablet has the contact support that makes it great for zooming, panning, scrolling and rotating the liner.
  • Stylus works perfectly
  • Built-in stand


  • The display quality is not that high-end
  • You need to purchase the stylus separately

5. Wacom Cintiq 16 full HD

Wacom Cintiq 16 full HD

Price: $649.95

Wacom Cintiq 16 allows you to work directly on the screen, and Wacom Pro Pen 2 is tilt-sensitive like traditional burns, pencils, and markers. The 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity can draw a variety of lines that makes a thicker line when you apply more pressure.

The Wacom Pro Pen 2 is 4X higher than its former versions, which offers the artists and designer ultimate accuracy and enables them to draw almost all they can imagine, according to Wacom.


  • It’s like a traditional tablet easily in the backpack that allows you, regardless of where you are, to take this creative tablet.
  • This tablet is one of the best choices for professionals thanks to its compatibility with all Windows and Mac OS versions.
  • The Cintiq 16 is connected with your PC with the HDMI cable included in the package.
  • The HD Display is a perfect blend of comfortable, compact and lightweight design and is a real ring rocker for competition on the tablet market.


  • There is no touch input

 6. Microsoft Surface Book 2

Microsoft Surface Book 2

Price: $1799.00

Surface Book 2 from Microsoft is one of the best 2-in-1 computers that we have ever seen. In comparison with this Surface Book 2 follow-up, none can have predicted that the MacBook Pro would look like a cheap toy. That, however, is precisely what happened.

You’ve got two devices in one with the Surface Book 2. It inherits the design of the original and just switches things up enough to please critics. For example, now more solid than ever is the dynamic Fulcrum hinge we love. While this successor’s preciousness is also worth every penny, as it was its predecessor.


  • Long battery life
  • Powerful drawing tablet
  • Lightweight
  • It has excellent cooling


  • A bit expensive
  • No pen included

7. Huawei Matepad Pro 5g

Price: $869.91

The tablet has four speakers (two left, two rights). The tablet has four speakers. The tablet sports four microphones for voice and video calls and the use of digital assistants. A further noise-canceling mic near the 13MP camera is also available. In a punch hole, there is an 8MP selfie camera on the front.

There is a special MatePad Pro Vegan Leather Edition. It’s lighter and heavier – from 7.2 mm and 460 g of the model with a thickness of 7.99 mm and 492 g. It can be found in Orange and Green. The regular slate with a glass fiber returns to white and gray.


  • Great display
  • Wireless charging
  • Harmon-Kardon speakers
  • Fast charging stylus


  • No Google Apps

8. Parblo Coast10 10.1

Parblo Coast10 10.1

Price: $168.00

Parblo is one of the latest Wacom products for artists with high-quality products. I found their tablet line recently and decided to check out Parblo Coast10.

This 10.1 “tablet includes a set of accessories, such as an artist’s handle and an extended USB port.

Display quality is excellent and this is one of the cheaper displayed tablets. It doesn’t recognize fingertips, but the pen can work as a mouse, making it a versatile tablet at any time.


  • No power supply other than USB required
  • It has a tilt sensitivity
  • It runs with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Mac 10.8.x and Linux
  • 1-year warranty with The Panda City store


  • Also, note that the Parblo Coast10 10.1′′ instruction manual is not very good, the English are bad. However, it contains at least a lot of good information.

9. HP Zbook X2-G4 Laptop

HP Zbook X2-G4 Laptop

Price: $2,322.62

This ZBook x2 features a UHD 4 K 3925 x 2160 screen resolution 10-bit (8 x 2 FRC) 14-inch UWVA UWVA IPS anti-illumination display, backlighting LEDs up to 1 billion colors, 16:9 aspect ratio, 300 cd / m2, typical contrast ratio, 60 Hz refresh rate, 283 pp, 85/85/85 /85 ° viewing angle.

The 2 GB of discreet GDDR5 RAM is provided by NVIDIA Quadro M620 with a sharp, clear image. The system’s HDMI 1.4 and dual Thunderbolt 3 ports, which supports DisplayPort 1.2, enable you to output video to an external display in resolutions of up to 512 x 2880.


  • It enables you to simultaneously run several applications.
  • It comes with 4096 pressure-sensitive levels and the natural inclination capability, it responds immediately to the nuances of your hand.
  • You can connect external peripherals like storage, optical drives, printers, memory card readers, and more.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 Technology can also combine additional compatible peripherals like mice, keys, headsets and more.


  • Very expensive

10. GAOMON PD1561 15.6

GAOMON PD1561 15.6

Price: $315.99

Gaomon PD1561. 15.6 comes with a 15.6 HD monitor and a pressure sensitivity level of 8.192.

It includes 10 shortcut keys to make it easy to use and customize. The plumb is highly responsive.

You control your designs unlimitedly. The pen is also provided 8 substitute nibs and a stylo holder for non-utilization.

You can adjust your angle to find the perfect position for your drawing. You’re going to feel comfortable in that way. Plus, for hours of design, the battery has a very long life.


  • It offers more drawing experience like paper
  • During digital creation, high-level pen-pressure stylus battery-free permits natural lines.
  • You can modify the screen depends on your preference
  • The pen suits both right and left-handed


  • The pen does not offer tilt recognition

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