Best 7 Inch Tablet Review

Tablets are not exempted as technologies evolved but still the 7-inch tablets are among those tablets that have the most interest among consumers. A 7-inch tablet has many advantages, and one of them is its size. Portability and performance are always major reasons why people use a 7-inch tablet. Nevertheless, the best 7-inch tablets serve a lot, which is why we’ll find them on a wide range of high-end tablets. They are designed to fit your requirements from extremely portable to cost-friendly if you have a day-to-day job to do.

You want portability because you’ve decided to get a 7-inch tablet. Alternatively, many 8-inch tablets will be found, but will not fit as easily in your pocket. You should focus on different features to reduce your selection to the right one. Also, there are universal 7-inch tablet cases that you can choose from.

8 Best 7-inch Android Tablets

7-inch Android TabletsPrice*
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7$162.28
Amazon Fire 7$149.99
Google Nexus 7$149.00
Lenovo Tab 4 7$249.98
Acer Iconia B1-720$129.00
ASUS Zenpad 7$157.54
Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7$79.99
Linx 7-inch Tablet$62.29
*Price – Date: 02/05/2020

 1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 – Best Samsung 7-inch Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 - Samsung Best 7-inch Tablets

Price: $162.28

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 is an extremely portable, lightweight and handy device. It is one of the best Samsung 7 inch tablet among other Samsung 7-inch products.

The front of the tablet is covered in glass and the rare case is made of plastic with a slip-free finish which also helps to make the handling of it easy.

The lightweight construction facilitates the transportation of this tablet without even realizing its presence, while the slim design makes it a device that you can operate easily and hold in one hand. The tablet also features an attractive 7-inch display, ideal for playing games, surfing the Internet, reading and more.

The screen has a display resolution of 1280-800 pixels compared to other products in this range. The tablet is also equipped with a solid 5MP primary rear camera to produce high-quality, Samsung-based images.


  • The overall performance is quite decent
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 looks very classic vibe
  • Affordable


  • There are problems concerning the screen.

2. Amazon Fire 7

 Amazon Fire 7

Price: $149.99

The majority of the All-New Amazon Fire 7 body is composed of matte plastic and remains as stylized as in the last generation.

The width of the tab, however, has decreased but in turn, the height has increased so that the palm of your hands is fitted easily. The lightweight of nature also ensures that you can carry it with you anywhere without the burden.

Alexa’s presence on the tablet helps the device to be used manually. To connect to a digital assistant, users must not click the home button.

The weakness of the microphones and a little background noise, however, will influence Alexa’s response to your requests. Alexa can help with messaging and calling functions. The Amazon Fire 7 tablet has the lowest battery lifestyle compared with other products in this roundup. However, it falls short in comparison with its other products like Amazon Fire 8.

Thus, you want to play games or watch movies if you’re a heavy energy user, that is, you need a power backup.


  • The presence of Alexa in a tablet makes it more helpful
  • The storage is expandable
  • Available in 4 colors


  • The battery life is low

3. Google Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7 has the best possible settings for its mini-tablet size. The Adreno 320 graphics processor, 32 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage are included.

Some games can be played but don’t anticipate the latest titles. Furthermore, this is a powerful, fast tablet that you can use for entertainment, multiple tasks and even work when you’re on the go.

Nexus is compatible with all Google apps and comes with a tablet before installation so that you can stay connected and as far away as possible from the computer.

An anti-gloss feature protects your eyes against unwanted distractions from the sunshine on your screen. You can look on the screen for hours without tired or distracting your eyes.


  • The quad-core processor is fast
  • Long battery life
  • The display is nice and it has a powerful configuration


  • Although it has a front and back camera, the front camera has poor quality.

4. Lenovo Tab 4 7

Lenovo Tab 4 7

Price: $294.98

The quality of the Lenovo E-7 tablet’s design is not the best for a budget tablet but still produces a superior look. The tablet body is covered with plastic and is 254 grams lighter in comparison to other tablets on the same market as the Amazon Fire 7.

The tablet has only one speaker and is located on top of the screen. The device can’t be used alone as a stereo with only one small speaker. The quality of the audio projection is also quite poor, as the sounds are scratchy at their loudest volume.

The performance of the E-7 tablet is not all so great with a 1.3 G Hz quad-core processor particularly since it does not carry apps quickly enough. There’s a little lag between when you click an application to open and when it opens. Due to the small RAM space of 1 GB, you can not also use multitasking on the device.


  • It’s lightweight and very handy
  • The operating system is good
  • Good display


  • Poor battery life

5. Acer Iconia B1-720

Acer Iconia B1-720

Price: $129.00

The 7-inch Android tablet, Acer Iconia B1-720 is available in red/black or in smoke/black. It is also available. A 3 G connectivity version is available for a little more money like the Lenovo S5000.  The color emphasis extends from the rear to the faces fused with the glass in an OGS design.

The Acer Iconia is a textured rear plastic tablet. Acer said she gave the tablet a new soft touch, but the plastic finish is still rather tough. It’s also a little slimmer than the last model, but again, the super-slim body won’t blow you away.

This tablet sets a particular audience. It is a tablet for people who want to give it to their young children if they become wounded without the risk of heartbreak.


  • The speaker is located on the front for better quality
  • Expandable storage
  • The sensors include an accelerometer


  • The appearance is uninspiring and 320 grams is heavy.

6. ASUS Zenpad 7

ASUS Zenpad 7

Price: $157.54

The ZenPad 7.0 (Z370CG) features a 7-inch high definition display on the side of the ZenPad. It’s like ZenPad C 7.0, which we mentioned earlier, but is 2 mm wider and 0.30 mm bigger and a little more spacious.

The ZenPad 7.0 uses screen buttons and only the base panel is covered by the logo. Below are the USB microphone ports close to the pinhole. The curved corners of this device are sophisticated, elegant and easier to hold and use than the noble.

ASUS ensures that its users get the latest experiences from Android by equipping the ZenPad with Android Lollipop and then placing it with the firm ZenUI that adds a different appearance of circular icons and bluish colors to its fast configuration and general interface. All was smooth and transitions were fluid when the phone was operated. There were also no hiccups to switch between apps.


  • Lightweight and very stylish
  • Has a lot of storage available
  • The screen works perfectly


  • Experiences some bugs in the camera app

 7. Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7

Price: $79.99

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 7 has an excellent setup consisting of a 1.3 GHz specifically designed to process tablets, 1 GB of Ram DDR3 and an upgradable 8 GB of storage.

The Graphics Card is built-in and makes this tablet not suitable for high-end gaming, but it’s great for other types of fun and multi-tasking.

It is powered by an Android 4.4 KitKat OS which provides 1024 x 600-pixel high resolution on a 7-inch screen. This tablet is 7.6 “by 4.6” long and only 0.42, “resulting in a weight of 0.68 pounds.

Though it is manufactured from robust plastic, the Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite is very durable and offers a great touch. This tablet has a back cover that is not only plastic but a pattern that protects against your hands being slipped out. The tablet also has functions to avoid slippery on any surface area.


  • Long battery life
  • Powered by Samsung Galaxy Essentials
  • Expandable memory


  • It gets warm when used in long hours

 8. Linx 7-inch Tablet

Linx 7-inch Tablet

Price: $62.29

We appreciate Linx because of its extremely narrow bezel and light body, rear and front cameras. You can also add additional storage memory to the MicroSD card. The device can hold 64 GB of flash on the slot. But the battery life of 4-6 hours is a bit delayed.

But this tablet’s potential is enormous. With this connectivity, you can connect your tablet to cabled or wireless devices (keyboard, mouse or trackpad) or HD displays on a large screen, turning the device into a desktop, both Wireless (WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0) and wired (MicroUSB and Mini-HDMI ports).

The tablet Linx 7 “has an impressive 3500mAh battery, which, depending on use and brightness, can last 4-6 hours. It can be charged by using the micro-USB port, making it the ideal device for small and portable entertainment without having to carry a charging device with you.


  • Excellent build quality
  • The screen is impressive
  • Run with 33GHz Atom quad-core processor


  • The on-screen keyboard malfunctions when writing long emails.

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